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       Since an early age art and design have been a big part of my life. I was always sure that I would have a career in one or both of these fields and CRINKED represents the beginning. It started as nothing more then an attempt at making my own bike more unique, after putting the first picture online and seeing the huge positive feedback I started doing it for others. If I where to describe my style I would say its an abstract line work symbolizing the emotions of biking.

I also am preparing to start a high end frame manufacturing company with very unique and advanced suspension designs years ahead of the current norm, I hope to have it started during my stay at OCAD university. The company name will be FLOAT cycles, and will incorporte a truly unique full floating suspension design.

Braden Bohme

      Bike painting is just one of my artistic niches, industrial design specializing in bike and automotive design are some of my true passions as well as realism drawing. There is really no form of design or art that I am afraid of trying and I seem to invoke a unique style in all the mediums I do. Feel free to contact me with any design or artistic projects your looking for, most likely I am your man.

A R T  &  D E S I G N

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